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Who We Are

Maxterial is an advanced chemical and coating technology company with headquarter in San Francisco Bay area and offices in Michigan and soon in Europe. Maxterial is a mid-stage VC-backed innovative private company. Maxterials is backed by world-known investors and corporations, such as Anglo American, Saint-Gobain, Peter Thiel Foundation, and Schmidt Family Foundation. Over a period of eight years, Maxterial has developed and tested a revolutionary metallic coating technology platform to protect against wear, heat, and corrosion. Our technology is safe, durable, low cost, high performing, patent-protected and easy-to-scale. Maxterial’s technology has received interest from various industry segments, including semiconductors, auto, heavy duty equipment, aerospace, and beyond. We are combatting CO2 emissions and various dangerous chemicals, such as Hexavalent chromium and PFAS/PFOS. We invite you to join our journey in a fast-paced environment and together we can make the world a safer place through commercialization of our advanced technology.

Statistician Internship (paid)


Numerous factors are crucial during the manufacturing of a complex superalloy coating. Various properties and performance of coating systems depend on these factors. The intern scientist is tasked with analyzing existing correlations among the functions and dependencies on the factors. They need to recognize patterns and correlations and propose any additional data collection required. Subsequently, they must use such findings and their knowledge of Design of Experiments (DOE) to design any further required experiments.



Independently or in collaboration with senior members of the team:

·       Applies advanced statistical techniques to identify patterns and correlations among data and generates insights in various state-of-the-art super-alloy systems and coatings.

·       Designs, develops, and evaluates experimental models to optimize success in multifactorial experiments.

·       Applies advanced statistical techniques, including analysis of variance, multivariate analyses, and other required techniques, to analyze the data and effects of experimentation.

·       Assists in performing advanced analysis on real-world and laboratory data to design new experiments

and enhance existing methods.

·       Performs data entry and cleaning as needed.



·       Ideal candidates have or are in the process of obtaining a Master’s or PhD in Statistics, Data Science, Computer Science with Data Science emphasis or another field which is highly analytical and quantitative.

·       Experience with data cleaning and manipulation.

·       Strong oral and written communication skills.

·       Deep understanding of Design of Experiments.

·       Experience with Microsoft environment: Windows OS, Office 365, Teams, etc.

·       Utilize statistical software including SPSS and JMP.

·       Have previous experience with multifactorial analysis

Location: Remote


Compensation: $20 or above per hour.

You will be a part of a world class team backed by world-famous investors. You can be a major part of a revolutionary industry change to leave major impact by improving the efficiency of industrial process, saving lives and the environment. 

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